About the Center for Health & Wellness Coaches


With the expansion and growth of the coaching industry, support and guidance are needed now more than ever for health and wellness coaches as they navigate their careers and professional journeys.


The Center for Health and Wellness Coaches strives to support the professional development of health and wellness coaches by sharing resources, providing information and knowledge, cultivating community, and providing health and wellness coaching certification review resources. 

Our Values


We strive for our actions to match our words and to act from a place of authenticity and sincerity.


We respect the value and worth of each individual and treat every person with kindness and dignity. We respect one another’s beliefs and honor we can learn from one another.


Regardless of our background, everyone has the same basic human needs. Health and wellness coaches use specific techniques and approaches to enhance the health and well-being of people in any situation.

Our Mission


To support the professional development of health and wellness coaches, share knowledge and resources alongside evidence-based practices, offer collaboration and networking opportunities for health and wellness coaches, and advocate for certification and standards of practice.

Our Story

The Center for Health and Wellness Coaches was created by Sukhayu Wellness, a wellness practice formed with the mission to promote the well-being of people at individual, community, and organizational levels.

Jessica Singh, MD, the founder and CEO of Sukhayu Wellness and the Center for Health and Wellness Coaches, is a Yale-trained emergency medicine physician who completed the first Physician Wellness Fellowship in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Singh’s experiences with life and death in caring for patients and interactions with her fellow colleagues inspired her to transition careers from emergency medicine to found Sukhayu Wellness after completing her fellowship. 

Sukh means peace and joy, and ayu means life in the Sanskrit language. Dr. Singh’s consulting work focuses on helping healthcare organizations and providers. As her knowledge expanded via mentors and networking and as a coach herself, Dr. Singh sought to help a wider audience. She wanted to share the knowledge base she was building at Sukhayu Wellness, as well as support health and wellness coaches through advocacy, credibility, and professionalism.

Dr. Singh recognized that, despite having been in existence for decades, the field of health and wellness coaching was considered relatively “new” and rapidly gaining recognition.               

Health and wellness coaches have an important, growing role in the healthcare system, bridging many gaps and helping countless individuals on their health and wellness journeys. 

Dr. Singh created the Center for Health and Wellness Coaches to help facilitate the sharing of best practices, cultivate community, and provide support networks and evidence-based knowledge for health and wellness coaches and to support coaches through their certification and professional journeys.

Learn more about Dr. Jessica Singh by clicking here.

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