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The Center for Health and Wellness Coaches (CHWC) is dedicated to providing educational and professional resources that promote growth and development within the field of health and wellness coaching.


Why Contribute?


✔ By becoming a contributor to The Health and Wellness Coach Journal, you can share your knowledge and expertise to connect with and support other coaches as they navigate their own wellness journeys and businesses, so that we can support one anothers’ professional development and foster collective growth and community.

✔ In addition, you’ll gain valuable exposure as posts published on The Health and Wellness Coach Journal are shared on social media and may be shared with our email subscribers. 


Submission Guidelines

The Health and Wellness Coach Journal is open to professional collaboration with coaches, professionals, and organizations to publish exclusive pieces, as well as influential health and wellness voices. We strive to promote a variety of expertise and experience. All submissions must be unpublished, original work.

☙ Types of Pieces We Accept

We accept submissions on any topic related to health, wellness, and coaching.

Engage an influential audience by submitting an opinion on any topic related to health and wellness coaching, including but not limited to health, holistic healing modalities, business, personal transformations, book reviews, recipes, wellness, and more.


☙ Types of Submissions:

  • Articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Scripts
  • Poems
  • Artwork


☙ Submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • The article or item must be an original, unpublished work.
  • The article or item must be fact-checked prior to submission.
  • Within the article, references must be noted with hyperlinks, whenever possible. (If hyperlinks are not possible, please put the references in the footnotes.)
  • All resources used within the article or item must be credited accordingly. We do not accept plagiarized content.
  • The article or item has not been written using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The word count should be between 500-1200 jargon-free words. (However, we may consider publishing pieces that are shorter or longer.)
  • The article or item should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The article must not contain any marketing or sales promotion.

☙ Article Selection Process

All submissions will be read and considered for publication. If you don’t receive a response within 5 business days, please contact us to confirm that we received your piece.


☙ Notice For Accepted Authors

Authors retain rights to their pieces, which may be published elsewhere 72 hours after they have been published in the Health and Wellness Coach Journal. Reposts must include a link to the original piece on the Health and Wellness Coach Journal.


☙ Article Editing Process

All accepted submissions may be line-edited (complementary), if necessary. We will share the edits with you for your review prior to publication.

Authors of pieces accepted for publication may also be invited to be a guest on The Health and Wellness Coach Journal podcast.


In addition, all authors will be given a free author page listing your name, headshot, a brief 1-sentence byline that states your crednetials and occupation (without branding), and links to the articles you've published for free.


We also offer an author showcase page with branding for an annual fee, which can feature your company name, links to your website, social media, and books. Details for this will be given to authors upon acceptance of publication.


Article Guidelines

Creating or writing a post is a wonderful way to inspire and empower others.

If you decide to submit an article or opinion piece, consider these tips:

1. Select a Topic You Care About and Believe Others Will Too!

Topics can be anything related to the field of health, wellness, and coaching. Once you’ve selected your topic, you’ll want to consider why readers should care about it and why it’s important to them. Lastly, ask yourself if you’d want to read the article that you plan to write.

2. Add a Catchy Headline and Engaging Introduction

The title and introduction draw people in. A few easy ways to make the introduction more appealing include starting with a story, asking a question, or stating a fact or statistic.

3.Share Your Voice

Share your voice and unique perspective.

4. Use Stories (When Applicable)

If you have a specific story about your topic, add it in. This adds a dimension of creativity and vulnerability, making the post more engaging and relatable.

5. Uphold Confidentiality

If you are writing about a particular person or incident, please be mindful of confidentiality. We never want to share another’s identity without their consent. For example, when referring to clients, we don’t need to use their names or any specific identifying factors other than what is relevant to the story. We will ask you for proof of consent prior to publication.

6. Make It Conversational and Professional

The best articles are ones that speak to us as though we are having a conversation with a good friend. This means avoiding technical jargon, highly formal language, or an overly academic tone, while at the same time, speaking from the perspective of an expert.

7. Call to Action

Enhance the value of your piece by sharing tips or next steps with our readers.

8. Check Your Facts!

Please include all resources supporting your fact checking so that we know you’ve done your due diligence. We maintain high ethical standards and strive to deliver original and factual information only. Please further attach all references as hyperlinks in your article text, only using footnotes if necessary.

9. Send Your Piece to Us

Please send your article via our contact form or email it to us at: [email protected]

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A member of the CHWC staff reviews all submissions.

Due to the high volume of articles and works we receive, we may not be able to respond to each person immediately. If we don’t answer within five business days, please reach out to us.


Important Note about Publishing: Our editor may make revisions pertaining to grammar, punctuation, and clarity. If significant revision is needed, the article will be returned to you for edits before it is published. Additionally, CHWC retains all rights to the final selection of any artwork or images published alongside the article.


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