Creativity Coaching 


Nurture Your Ability to Create

Have you ever noticed how some people make creating and completing tasks that require deep work, concentration, and sustained?


People like this have two things in common. One, they have persistence and follow-through. Two, they can tap into the unlimited reserve of creativity and energy within them.

 While the creative process is unique for everyone, even the most dedicated and experienced professionals don’t work alone. 

If you are creating or developing a book, podcast, course, a new business, website, or any creative project, Creativity Coaching can help you

SOAR: Sustain Originality, Accountability, and Resourcefulness.




Sustaining a strong work ethic and consistent creative process is crucial for fostering creativity by nurturing a growth mindset, building momentum, allowing for iteration and refinement, overcoming creative blocks, and developing skill and expertise.


Originality is a fundamental aspect of creativity that allows us to express our unique perspectives, share our knowledge, and contribute in an authentic way that aligns with our personal values and sense of purpose, providing fulfillment.


Accountability, our willingness to take ownership and accept the situations we are in and the actions we take, is essential for the success of any creative project. Accountability enables  setting clear expectations, enhancing self-awareness, and monitoring progress. This, in turn, encourages risk-taking, adaptation, and being realistic with ourselves as we complete our goals.


Resourcefulness, the ability to think independently and utilize resources at hand, promotes adaptability, enabling creators to navigate unexpected changes, embrace new tools, and find alternative methods to achieve their goals. 


Not all projects succeed or turn out the way they were initially envisioned, but not because they are unworthy. In many cases, it‚Äôs because the creator lacked the clarity, support, and objectivity needed to follow through. Practicality can also be challenging‚ÄĒfollowing through with the demands of a busy life while nurturing an environment conducive to the creative process.¬†

Coaching supports you as you access your own wisdom and resources, stay accountable, and align your vision with your values to help you achieve your goals. Through the process, you will have the support you need to move your projects forward amidst life’s busy demands.

Our approach is one of integrative holistic coaching.

‚ÄúIntegrative‚ÄĚ refers to combining multiple modalities. We incorporate various evidence-based approaches, including mind-body techniques, drawing, journaling, meditation, imagery, breathwork, and more.

‚ÄúHolistic‚ÄĚ looks at the individual‚ÄĒand any goal or issue‚ÄĒfrom an expansive lens, deepening impact.

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Is Creativity Coaching Right For You?


Each of us has goals to reach, challenges to overcome, and times when we feel stuck. Creativity coaching can be transformative, setting you on a path to achieving greater personal and professional fulfillment.

In this comprehensive coaching program, we will develop and nurture your creativity to support you through your project. During our scheduled 60-minute sessions, we will check in, explore your coaching focus for the session, discuss any obstacles or challenges, and create actionable steps to move you forward.

We will also practice active relaxation techniques, including breathwork, imagery, drawings, journaling, movement, and other mind-body techniques, as you expand your creative process and access alternate ways of being and knowing beyond the mental model.


Following each session, I will provide a written summary highlighting your progress and goals. I will also share individualized resources with you, as appropriate, including articles, videos, books, and more. I will also check-in with you weekly by email to offer additional support and accountability, as well as provide you with a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Just remember, this is a coaching program‚ÄĒmeaning I will primarily be your coach. You may ask me to provide feedback and advice as a consultant, and I will do so in any way I can to support you, as appropriate. However, the primary focus of this program is to coach you in nurturing your own creativity and supporting you¬†in achieving your goals as you create and complete your project.


This Creativity Coaching Program Is Not The Right Fit For You If You Are Primarily Looking For…

‚ėô Someone to tell you what to do: Coaching depends on your self-determination and actions.


‚ėô¬†Someone to provide solutions: I offer advice as a consultant when asked and when appropriate, but this is not my primary role as your coach.


‚ėô¬†Someone to do the work for you: Your success depends on the effort you put in.


‚ėô¬†Guaranteed outcomes: Creativity coaching is a process. The outcomes and the progress you make depend on you!¬†

Creativity coaching is for individuals, coaches, and creatives who are motivated and self-driven. Your coach is not here to tell you what to do or do the work for you. It is up to you to put in the work, which requires making self-determined goals and taking action steps. 

Your coach’s role is to create a space for exploration to support you in nurturing your potential.

As defined by the International Coaching Federation, coaching is ‚Äúpartnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.‚ÄĚ

1:1 Creativity Coaching Programs


The Uplift creativity coaching program is
best for short-term projects.

In this program, I partner with you to uplift your creativity to help you
achieve your goals.


Uplift includes:

  • Six 60-minute 1:1 creativity coaching sessions over the course of three months.
  • Log of coaching session summaries
  • Customized resource recommendations
  • In-between session check-ins and email support

 The Uplift creativity coaching program must be completed within three months of purchase. 

Price: $1650

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The SOAR creativity coaching program is best for projects requiring deep work and long-term commitment.

In this program, I partner with you to sustain originality, resourcefulness, and accountability to help you
achieve your goals.


SOAR includes:

  • Twelve 60-minute 1:1 creativity coaching sessions over the course of six months
  • Log of coaching session summaries
  • Customized resource recommendations
  • In-between session check-ins and email support

 The SOAR creativity coaching program must be used within six months of purchase.

Price: $2875

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Additional Feedback and Review

I am also available and happy to review and provide feedback on your work between sessions if desired. All work done outside the coaching program scope is charged at $275/hour.


About The Instructor

About Your Coach


My name is Jessica Singh, MD, NBC-HWC, ACC. I’ve transitioned careers from practicing as an emergency medicine physician to becoming an entrepreneur to practice and promote health and wellness holistically. I’ve also created courses, a podcast, and a blog, written a book (pending publication!), authored several articles, amongst numerous other projects.

I understand and value deep work, which Cal Newport, renowned author and professor at Georgetown University, defines as:

‚ÄúProfessional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capacities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.‚ÄĚ ~ Cal Newport Deep Work (p.3)

This work is important across industries.

It takes a village of support and a conducive environment to keep going, manifest your vision, and not get disillusioned or lose heart. The most important element in finishing any project is to keep going and reassess your values and vision along the way to ensure they align in purpose.

When choosing a creativity coach, it is vital to work with a trained and certified professional who has walked the talk ‚Äď someone who has nurtured their creativity while managing the demands of establishing and running a business while also nurturing their personal life and well-being. I have thrived in high-stress situations and learned to build a business from the ground up. Working together, I can help you get unstuck, navigate the unexpected, stay hopeful, and maintain accountability and inspiration in a judgment-free environment.


"In studying for the exam and having to gather information from numerous sources, the vision for this course was to put everything in one place.

I am grateful for the opportunity to offer a high quality, comprehensive review that not only prepares people to take the exam but cultivates community and nourishes self-care along the way.”

- Dr. Jessica Singh


Jessica Singh, MD, NBC-HWC, ICF-ACC, founder of Sukhayu Wellness®, is a former emergency medicine physician. Her journey of well-being began when she was an emergency medicine physician-in-training, learning to enhance her own health and heal from burnout. 

Dr. Singh is a physician wellness consultant, integrative holistic coach certified by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching, the International Coaching Federation, and the Radical Remission Project, yoga teacher, mind-body skills practitioner, and author. She is also the founder of the Center for Health and Wellness Coaches, an offering provided by Sukhayu Wellness®. After years of studying and taking numerous National Board of Medical Examiners’ (NBME) examinations, she is grateful for the opportunity to offer this course to support health and wellness coaches throughout their test preparation process. 

Dr. Singh also attended an NBME Item-Writing Workshop to develop high-quality practice test questions, providing the best opportunities possible for those preparing for their NBHWC examinations.

Getting Started

We begin with an initial one-hour exploration session to ensure we are a good fit for each other and that you are committed to the work.

This session helps ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from our coaching engagement. The initial exploration session is offered at a one-time promotional price of $175, instead of the regular price of $275.

Exploration sessions must be booked within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Once we schedule your initial exploration session, you will be asked to complete an online assessment form to:

    • Describe your project
    • Share your personal and professional goals for the project
    • Assess what kind of support you are looking for
    • Discuss any obstacles you feel you may be facing
    • Explore resources available to support you in your journey¬†

During the exploration session, we will investigate your project in-depth, including what you are looking for, where you want support, and how and if creativity coaching can support you moving forward.

If we both agree that working together is the right fit, then, after your exploration session, you will choose which creativity coaching program you want to join. You will then be sent the registration information and documentation, after which we will schedule your sessions.

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Take the first step, and let’s get to work! I look forward to helping you reach new heights as you achieve your creative goals.

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