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Jessica Singh, MD, NBC-HWC, ICF-ACC


Jessica Singh, MD, NBC-HWC, ICF-ACC, founder and CEO of Sukhayu Wellness and the Center for Health and Wellness Coaches, is a Yale-trained formerly practicing emergency medicine physician. After practicing as an attending physician in the community, Dr. Singh was the first physician to be awarded a one-year fellowship in Physician Wellness through the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine. There she developed expertise in the science and administration of physician wellness, with an emphasis on the shared responsibility between physicians and organizations to enhance professional fulfillment and mitigate burnout.

After completing her fellowship, Dr. Singh transitioned careers and founded Sukhayu Wellness, with the mission of helping individuals, communities, and organizations nurture health and enhance fulfillment and well-being. 

Dr. Singh is a physician wellness consultant, integrative holistic coach certified by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching, the International Coaching Federation, and the Radical Remission Project, yoga teacher, mind-body skills practitioner, and author. Her work as a physician wellness consultant focuses on a systems-level process improvement approach to wellness. She also collaborates with organizations to assess healthcare provider burnout in the context of quality, safety, and cost, with the goal of mitigating burnout by empowering initiatives for systems change.      

An academic at heart, she is currently working on a book that bridges the gaps in medical education and helps physicians enhance their well-being and fulfillment, inside or outside allopathic medicine.

In her individual and group work, Dr. Singh practices integrative holistic coaching and mind-body skills. She is passionate about facilitating environments that explore the root source of well-being and helping people to enhance fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Dr. Singh is grateful for the opportunity to offer support as well as educational and professional resources and tools to guide each coach’s unique journey and support best practices within the health and wellness coaching field.

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