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Amna Shabbir, MD, CPC
Integrative Wellness and Life Coach


"I help busy professionals, especially healthcare workers incorporate wellness into their lives so they can find joy and fulfillment. My aim is that at the end of our coaching journey together, my clients have successfully incorporated joy, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives holistically. That they feel mindful, well, heard, and confident in all spheres of their lives.” ~ Amna Shabbir, MD, CPC


Dr. Amna Shabbir is a Duke Health Certified Integrative Wellness Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach, who focuses on helping busy professionals especially early career physicians overcome burnout, Imposter Syndrome, overwhelm and create holistic wellbeing for themselves. 
She is the Founder and CEO of Amna Shabbir Wellness Coaching and Early Career Physicians Institute. Having personally battled burnout as a young physician, she understands the isolation and challenges this time period brings. Through coaching, she transformed her own burnout into strength and now empowers others to do the same. 
Dr. Shabbir is also a Double Board-Certified physician in Geriatrics and Internal Medicine, providing exceptional care to older adults. She received her fellowship training at Duke University and residency at the Cleveland Clinic.  Beyond her career, she enjoys quality time with her daughters and husband. 




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January 4, 2024

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