Welcome To The Health and Wellness Coach Journal Podcast

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Coach Journal Podcast!

In this introduction, Dr. Jessica Singh, the founder and CEO of Sukhayu Wellness and the Center for Health and Wellness Coaches, shares her motivation for creating the Health and Wellness Coach Journal blog and podcast.

"I created the Health and Wellness Coach Journal, which is actually a podcast and a blog - to explore topics related to health, wellness, and coaching.

There are so many gaps in conventional medicine, in our healthcare system, and even health and wellness coaching is often misunderstood. Health and wellness encompass all domains of the human existence. Health is life.

I started this podcast because of the importance of health and wellness coaching in advocacy, and realizing the importance of community, mentorship, and connection on my own professional coaching journey.

You can expect to hear from me in a new episode each month. I’ll be speaking with guests – including coaches, clinicians, and health and wellness professionals who are experts in their fields.

I hope that by listening to this podcast, you will feel inspired, empowered, and comforted, knowing you’re not alone in your coaching journey and that we’re in this together." ~ Jessica Singh, MD, NBC-HWC, ACC

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