Breaking Down Barriers: Why Trauma Awareness Matters in Coaching

In this episode of The Health and Wellness Coach Journal podcast, Dr. Jessica Singh has the privilege of connecting with Dr. Melissa Hankins, the CEO and founder of Melissa Hankins Coaching, a coaching and consulting firm committed to helping physicians and leaders overcome burnout. Dr Hankins is a certified executive coach, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, and trauma-informed Emotional Freedom Techniques (“tapping”) practitioner. 

Together, Dr. Singh and Dr. Hankins discuss the critical topic of trauma and its profound impact on human behavior and coaching practices. Dr. Hankins shares her journey from psychiatry to coaching, underscoring the importance of trauma awareness in fostering psychological safety and sustainable well-being. She emphasizes the importance for coaches to recognize their scope of practice and know when to refer clients to mental health professionals.

This episode offers valuable insights for coaches aiming to create empowering spaces for their clients, highlighting the delicate interplay between trauma awareness, trauma-informed practices, and the pursuit of holistic well-being.

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0:00 - Introduction

1:32 - Dr. Hankin's Career Journey: Transformational Experiences, And Passion For Working With Trauma

14:01 - The Importance Of Trauma Awareness In Coaching

21:26 - Coach Scope Of Practice

24:52 -  What It Means To Be Trauma-Aware And Trauma-Informed As A Coach

31:10 - Takeaways