Breaking the Silence: Navigating #MeToo in Coaching

Mar 12, 2024

Show Notes for Podcast Episode 4: Breaking the Silence: Navigating #MeToo in Coaching 

In this episode of the Health and Wellness Coach Journal podcast episode, Dr. Jessica Singh interviews and Christine Rose, an award-winning business coach, internationally best-selling author, professional certified coach, psychological safety coach, core values coach. Christine shares insights from her book, Life Beyond Me Too: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Friends, which explores the impact of the #MeToo movement, sexual violence, harassment, and trauma from the perspective of a coach.

Writing As Advocacy

Christine Rose discussed her inspiration for writing the book, highlighting the need for coaching conversations around these challenging topics to create safety and facilitate change. She emphasized the importance of self-awareness for coaches and wellness professionals, urging them to address their own personal stories and recognize their impact on their work. 

Coaching Scope of Practice and Ethical Considerations

Dr. Singh's conversation with Christine Rose highlights the importance of coaches being aware of sexual violence, harassment, and trauma, and the impact they have on individuals' well-being. Rose emphasizes the need for self-awareness among coaches and wellness professionals, urging them to recognize their own biases and limitations. She advocates for trauma-informed coaching and care, stressing the importance of creating safe spaces for clients and adhering to ethical standards.

Owning Your Voice

Christine Rose moves the narrative beyond the individual level, discussing how coaches can contribute to positively changing communities and the world around us. Both Dr. Singh and Christine Rose underscore the role of wellness professionals in initiating discussions to raise awareness of #MeToo that could lead to societal changes in resulting in creating safer, more equitable environments, cultures, and practices.

In summary, this episode provides valuable insights into the intersection of coaching, trauma, and gender violence, highlighting the importance of self-awareness, ethical practice, and advocacy for positive change. Christine's book serves as a catalyst for conversations and action, empowering individuals to make a difference in their own lives and communities.




  • 00:00 - Introduction 
  • 02:25 - Christine Rose's inspiration for advocating for the #MeToo movement from a coaching perspective
  • 05:34 -The importance of enhancing coach self-awareness
  • 07:00 - Coaching scope of practice, ethical considerations, and trauma-informed coaching
  • 14:00 - Life Beyond #MeToo as a resource to enhance self-awareness and facilitate change
  • 18:38 - Owning your voice: having conversations to create change
  • 26:26 - The whole person approach and global interconnectedness
  • 29:59 - Positive impact from Life Beyond #MeToo
  • 33:40 - Takeaways

Books Mentioned In This Episode

  • Rose, Christine. Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, & Friends. Redemption Press. Revised Edition. December 2021.
  • Kolk, Bessel Van Der. The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma. Penguin Books. September 2015.
  • Ng, Stephen. We’re All Like This: Learning to Talk About Our Sexual Needs. Giant Publishing. 2020.

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