Harnessing The Power Of Imagery In Coaching

Jun 11, 2024

Show Notes for Podcast Episode 7: Harnessing The Power Of Imagery In Coaching

In this episode of The Health and Wellness Coach Journal Podcast, Dr. Jessica Singh has the privilege of connecting with Susan Ezra RN, NC-BC, NBC-HWC, ACC, a seasoned coach with a deep understanding of integrative imagery. With over 30 years of experience in imagery and holistic healing, Susan shares valuable insights on how imagery organically intertwines with coaching, offering a practical approach to unlocking healing potentials within individuals. Susan's expertise shines through as she discusses the synergy between imagery and coaching and shares the transformative potential of integrating imagery into coaching practices.

Susan's Background

Susan's journey into imagery began in 1989 when she was introduced to interactive guided imagery through the Academy for Guided Imagery. Since then, she has dedicated her life to understanding and harnessing the healing potential of imagery. According to Susan, coaching and imagery are like two sides of the same coin—they complement each other seamlessly.

Understanding Imagery as a Way of Knowing

Imagery is not just about visualizing; it's a profound way of knowing that taps into intuition and deeper levels of consciousness. It transcends language and culture, making it a universal tool for healing and transformation. Susan emphasizes that imagery allows us to access multiple dimensions of being and knowing, beyond just the logical mind.

Integrating Imagery into Coaching Practices

Susan's integrative imagery techniques offer coaches a powerful toolkit for guiding clients towards healing and growth. One such technique is tapping into the inner wisdom, where clients connect with their wise selves through imagery. These images can take various forms, from spiritual figures to animals, reflecting the unique wisdom within each individual.

The Impact of Imagery on Healing

Through storytelling and personal anecdotes, host Dr. Jessica Singh and Susan Ezra illustrate the profound impact of imagery on healing journeys. demonstrating the power of imagery to facilitate profound shifts in perception and experience. Susan's coauthored, Guided Imagery and Beyond: Stories of Healing and Transformation, with Terry Reed, RN; their book is a testament to the transformative potential of imagery.

Practical Applications in Coaching

In coaching sessions, imagery can be seamlessly integrated to deepen the client's awareness and facilitate transformative shifts. Susan highlights how coaches can use imagery to evoke powerful metaphors and symbols that resonate with clients' experiences. By creating a safe space for exploration, coaches can help clients access their inner wisdom and unlock their healing potential.

Conclusion: Embracing the Gift of Imagery

As the conversation with Susan Ezra comes to a close, it's clear that imagery is not just a tool but a gift—a gift that holds the power to heal, transform, and awaken deeper levels of consciousness. By integrating imagery into coaching practices, coaches can amplify their impact and guide clients towards profound healing and growth.

In a world where stress and uncertainty abound, imagery offers a pathway to inner peace, resilience, and self-discovery. 


About Susan Ezra RN, NC-BC, NBC-HWC, ACC

Susan Ezra is a seasoned instructor with a wealth of experience in the field of health and wellness. Her journey began over three decades ago, driven by a passion to unlock the healing potential within individuals through the body and mind. Through her extensive career, Susan has dedicated herself to teaching both individual clients and healthcare professionals the transformative power of imagery for health and healing.

Currently serving as Core Faculty at Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, Susan brings her expertise to the forefront of coaching education. Prior to this role, she contributed as a faculty member for the Academy for Guided Imagery, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the field of interactive guided imagery. Susan holds certifications in Interactive Guided Imagerysm and is recognized by esteemed organizations such as the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, and the International Coaching Federation.

Susan's commitment to advancing the field of integrative imagery led her to co-author Guided Imagery and Beyond: Stories of Healing and Transformation. This anthology, co-authored with Terry Reed, RN, MS, showcases the profound impact of integrative imagery through real-life stories from clients and students. Through her tireless dedication and expertise, Susan continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey towards healing and transformation.


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To learn integrative imagery skills that can elevate and transform your coaching practice, join Susan Ezra's upcoming course: Integrative Imagery for Coaches, approved for 14 CE credits by NBHWC and pending CCE approval by ICF, by clicking here:



  • 0:00 - Introduction

  • 1:36 - An Introduction To Imagery

  • 4:54 - Susan's Background In Imagery

  • 7:55 - The Inner Wisdom Imagery Technique

  • 12:20 - An Overview Of The Underlying Science Of Imagery

  • 14:34 - Using Imagery To Enhance The Effectivity of Coaching

  • 19:32 - A Brief Guided Imagery Experience By Susan

  • 26:10 - Takeaways


Books Mentioned In This Episode

  •  Ezra, Susan and Reed, Terry. Guided Imagery and Beyond: Stories of Healing and Transformation. Outskirts Press. 2008.

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