Path to Purpose

Jan 31, 2024

Show Notes for Podcast Episode 3: Path to Purpose: Julie Steiger's Path to Becoming a Coach



Unconventional Inspiration

In this episode of the Health and Wellness Coach Journal Podcast, Dr. Jessica Singh engages in a compelling conversation with special guest Julie Steiger. Julie was in the inaugural cohort of coaches who took Dr. Singh's NBHWC exam review course. Julie, a national board certified health and wellness coach and founder of Hearts Quest Coaching, shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from a 20-year career as a hardware store inventory manager to becoming a coach. 

Julie's journey to becoming a national board certified health and wellness coach is an inspiring example of how unexpected moments can ignite transformative change. Julie recounts the pivotal moment when she found inspiration in the unlikeliest of places: Simply Green Meals by Jen Hansard (Rodale Books, 2018), a cookbook gifted to her by her sister. Intrigued by the author's life-changing experience with a life coach, Julie discovered her own passion for helping others achieve holistic well-being. Introspection led her to uncover a deep-rooted connection with health, wellness, and the desire to make a positive impact in the world.


Taking the Leap

Julie's dedication to her newfound calling was evident as she embarked on her journey to become a coach. With the unwavering determination to move forward, she seized the opportunity to pursue coach training and become a national board certified health and wellness coach. Despite the challenges of managing a full-time job, Julie's commitment to her passion for coaching shines through. In a reflection on her coaching journey, Julie candidly shares the challenges of balancing multiple responsibilities, especially during a period of intense change brought about by the pandemic. Her ability to maintain resilience while managing her job, studies, and pursuing coaching aspirations, underscores the resilience and adaptability required in transitioning to a new career path. Her pragmatic approach to time management, combined with unwavering dedication, exemplifies the determination necessary to over challenges to translate passions into purposeful careers.


Embracing Growth and Empowerment

One of the profound impacts of Julie’s coaching journey has been the transformation in her own perspective on personal achievements. Celebrating her accomplishments, stepping outside her comfort zone, and forming connections within her community have become integral aspects of her professional growth.


Advice and Insight 

Julie's insightful advice emphasizes the significance of having a clear vision and the willingness to put in the necessary effort to become a national-board certified health and wellness coach. Her perseverance and motivating approach inspire a message of resilience and determination.


NBHWC Exam Prep Resources

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  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 01:29 - Julie’s journey into coaching
  • 08:18 - Julie’s coach training
  • 14:38 - Challenges along the way
  • 16:25 - Importance of self-care
  • 18:22 - Julie’s career vision
  • 21:16 - Why NBHWC certification
  • 22:50 - Insights on becoming certified
  • 24:18 - Advice for test prep
  • 26:08 - Takeaways

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